When your website does not fit to mobile standards

Always looking great

Always looking great

When was the last time you updated your website design? Most likely you do update the content of your website to be certain that the information presented is current. However Ariel Dagan of Worcester, MA noted that many companies have not stooped to search their own companies through their own mobile devices.

Ok. So let’s pause, take a moment and browse your company website using the web browser on your mobile device.

Stop!  Are you doing what I think you are?

Are you doing those pinch exercises to get your screen to enlarge what you are seeing in front of you?

As Yoda would say, “How embarrassing”.

According to a 2102 statement by Ian Carrington, mobile and social advertising sales director at Google, there are more people who have access to a mobile phone than to a toothbrush. Therefore Ariel Dagan argues that although the home page of a company might still be the primary gateway a company offers to its visitors, it may not be the most appealing gateway that the marketing department vision for all people to view.

Creating a welcoming gateway, aka- homepage is very import. In most cases they are always attractive and inviting. However, Ariel Dagan continues, over the past 5 years mobile phone sales have skyrocketed. According to Erik Qualman, people have their mobile device in reach 14 hours per day and Ariel argues that connecting with a company most likely is not being done only through laptops or desktop screens. Ariel notes that perhaps web designers have spent in the past hours to optimize the site to look fantastic in browsers such: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari and others.

Now marketing  and IT departments need to go back to the drawing boards and prior to starting their new designs take some lesson from companies who have already created beautiful and simple  gateways for their home page when accessed on mobile devices. The following link is to a 2010 Mashable article about brilliantly designed mobile sites. And lastly we should not ignore the institution that has been awarding excellence for the past 17 years. The Webby was awarded to 8 companies for practices in mobile.

Be certain you click on the link from your mobile device:

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