Overcoming being overwhelmed with choice

Where does one begin?

Where does one begin?

I am certain many time you have traveled the isles at your local grocery store and perhaps stopped and hesitated for a few moments before making your pick of the dressing, pasta, tomato sauce, snack, and much more. This does not just happen at the grocery store. We find the same abundance of choices from the hardware store to the clothing store and any other type of merchandise store you can name. However buying products is one thing. And even though we all have our own unique tastes and styles, we can face this problem with certain satisfaction.

However when we are in charge of the promotion that is meant to drive all those shoppers to the stores what happens the? What happens when we we are talking about purchasing marketing platforms? In days of old when various media ads,  emails, direct mail were obvious and costly affairs, we new what needed to be done and how to get it done.

These days when everyone is bragging about the free marketing opportunities available via social media, on various social networking platforms the questions one might hear are: How do I do it? What does it? How often do I post? So many questions and so many choices can lead any business marketing administrator to become overwhelmed both from joy and grief.

Ariel Dagan advices business to consider looking at the information in the same way most managers organize what they have. In the conversation prism by Brian Solis we can have a better grasp at how one can begin to approach marketing to the masses.

Ariel notes that a business may feel that they have to be in all 26 segments but that isn’t so. There are ample examples today of Food Trucks that are using just Twitter to secure business and continued growth.  Based on Ariel Dagan’s experience, he believes that if a small operation such as a food truck can  leverage social media for its growth, so can many other larger businesses.

According to Eric Qualman who wrote  Socialnomics, we no longer have a choice on whether we do social media; the question is how well we do it.

In the Ted-talk below Barry Schwarz talks about how we can better deal with the choices we have.


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