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Hands on

I would like to begin with a short introduction for those who do not know who I am. My name is Ariel Dagan and I currently reside in Worcester, MA. I have been an educator for most of my of my life. Those who know will tell you that my approach is a typical. Then again, I achieve the  results which I have designed and developed over many years.  I wanted to share with you what I believe is the missing element.

Each day across the globe people are learning and acquiring knowledge. Our capacity to do something with this knowledge is limited only by our will and desire.  We can eliminate age as a separating factor from this fact. We can also eliminate cultural, economical, and and any other type of factor you you may have  predefined.

If we take a generalized approach we can  safely say that learning something can lead to somewhere. There are those who succeed in reaching the desired destination and there are who do not get there. I argue that it is not entirely their fault. What do I mean? Let’s take a look….

Think for a moment on your  own journey of knowledge acquisition. What does it require?

Attending class? listening? Viewing? Reading?

What else?

How long did it take to acquire this knowledge?

Is it still with you? I mean, that news story just heard 5 minutes ago, the  research article you read 4 hours ago, the app you have downloaded 3 days ago, the song you have learned 1 month ago, the recipe you have been taught 1 year ago, the lecture you attended 2 years ago, the webinar you heard 3 years ago, the game you played 4 years ago, or the book you have read 5 years ago.

It is not that some of us just can’ t do it. It all depends on how it is done. One of simplest ways for me to help you understand this is by looking at the world of health fitness. The coaches and trainers who are involved in these endeavors work with either individuals or groups on an ongoing basis. Now you might say to me, so do all teachers. True.

At this point I wanted to link to a very informative article found on the DeveloperWorks section of the IBM website. The articled, titled Teaching versus training was written by Gary Pollice , a Professor of Practice at Worcester Politechnic Institute here in Worcester, MA.

I  agree with Professor Pollice that when we can combine training and teaching we are able to effectively instill a discipline that reinforces elements from both fields. To sharpen my point, many of you reading this have been in training seminars that only last a short period. On the other hand, in health fitness  and education trainers and educators work with the individual or group for many years.

The ongoing training, imparting knowledge and reinforcement of the the new skills through continuous exercises develops that individual to achieve much higher results.

When lifelong learning is combined with elements of training discipline and continuity, the results are outstanding.

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