What do people think when you ignore their comment?

Do you know what is being said about you?

Do you know what is being said about you?

I love it when a movie  shows us a scene where someone is living a secluded life with almost no contact with the outside world. Still, once in a while those folks have to connect with the locals to get, trade, barter for the necessities of life.

I’m certain that there are still many people around the world that have yet to  connect electronically with others. Though the majority of people are reachable via phone, and email and of course social networks.

Now some forms of older communications still exist today:

People get correspondence by (paper) mail all the time. Some folks respond while others don’t.

When answer machines came along they gave us the ability to leave voice mail messages. Some folks  respond while others don’t.

When email was invented, it sped up our ability to communicate with others.  Some folks  respond while others don’t.

The fact is, that all of the above methods are primarily kept in the private domain. No one really knows what was in that letter or the  voice message or the content of the email.

Today people all around the world are talking about other people and brands on Social Networks such as: Yelp, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Blogs, YouTube, and many more.

I, Ariel Dagan, have seen one my favorite local Asian restaurants in Worcester, MA ignore for months a comment that was posted on their Facebook page. At the time they did not practice any customer service or public relations approaches to handle the situation. On the other hand, one of my local supermarkets does a very nice job with their responses to comments posted by followers of their Facebook page. They understand that PR and responding to comments, be them positive or negative, seen by other people who are connected on the social channel becomes an issue of public image.

When someone says something great about you wouldn’t you want to thank them? Some folks  respond while others don’t.

When someone has a problem with the products or services you provide and writes, tweets, creates a video, and basically shares it with so many, wouldn’t you want to offer a strategic reply? Some folks  respond while others don’t.

Erik Qualman who wrote socialnomic said: ” Social Media isn’t a fad, it’s a fundamental shift in the way we communicate. We don’t have a choice on whether we DO social media, the question is how well we DO it”.

Do you ignore your fans and critics?

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