Why Google should stick to Analytics

knowledge is power

knowledge is power

Prior to  the days of online analytics anyone in charge of marketing had a very hard time giving precise data reports on returns on investment.  I, Ariel Dagan,  would like to share a few examples of before and since online analytics changed things:

Billboards: Can you tell me how many drivers looked at the billboard and what new business it attracted?

Print /mail Ad: Can you tell me how many people actually read the material and what new business it generated?

Print Media Ad: Can you tell me how many readers saw the ad on page 2 and what new business we received from it?

Website: It seems like the new webpage design is causing a much better conversion rate. Nice Job!

Blog: I must say, that blog post on March 26 must have hit a nerve. I see it’s been shared so far 6500 times.

Video: Good call on the idea for the video. We’re changing production schedules based on the positive feedback.

Today no one can make an excuse for not knowing if something is work or not on line.  Even with the increase of online real estate within social networks we are able to have accurate knowledge available 24/7. Google Analytics along with many other companies who offer these services can give us an accurate picture of where we hit and miss with each person who engages with our content.

Check out this funny clip from Google. The video does show their strength yet I think it is best that Google  stay with what they do best.

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