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Welcome reader. Thank you for visiting. My name is Ariel. I would like to know if your are as fascinated as I am by the way we are able to find what it that we are looking for in the shortest path and fastest way? If so lets begin.

You are currently reading this post on a bloging platform called WordPress. You already know my name. However, there may be many Ariel’s. How can you calssify me? How can you categories me? How is that you ended up finding this specific post within hundred of millions of posts.

Well, organization of course is part of this answer. Currently I am taking classes in Library and Information Science. In order to find information stored within  a library, prior to the days of computers, we would use a card catalog. Classification helps us build logical relationship. Catalogs need to be simple, expandable and stable. Information on the internet is structured in similar ways. But lets take a step back to better understand this.

Pick up any book. Look at the back pages. You may find an Index. It enables us to have quick access to information. This tagging systems allows us to go to a specific location where we might find more information regarding this word. The word may relate to a person, place,  time period, historic event and anything that the writer wanted to list and create access to information found with the context of this book.

Now lets go back to me. As I said, my name is Ariel Dagan. I also reside in Worcester, MA. And this is a WordPress blog. Now you have much more information. Not all information has to be indexed. However we do need to be able to have tags that will help create a taxonomy. Let’s take a look at how we can use WordPress to further understand taxonomy in the clip by  Michael Fields:

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