Another date with Tom Ashbrook of On Point

On the radio

On the radio

There are many talk radio programs available to listeners. They  can be accessed in the traditional way, through radio waves or via the internet. In recent years our wireless connections to the internet has drastically improved.

In my opinion  one of the most  well informed talk show hosts is Tom Ashbrook. I have been listening to Tom’s On Point program on WBUR 90.9 for many years. No matter the topic, Tom knows how to deliver, inform and cause you to think about the questions he raises. Aside from having special guest Tom invites active participation through social media  channels, and he shares these post on air. However, getting the chance to actually speak directly with Tom is a challenge. Many people call in and not always to the producers believe your comment or question fits the program.

Over the past  few years I have been lucky and feel privileged to be on air a few time. A few days ago I had another opportunity to speak with Tom on the air during his program that was focusing on the recent mega purchase deals announced by Microsoft and Verizon.

Here is the (WBUR 90.9) Boston University Radio write up and podcast of the program. I  think you will enjoy  listening to the program since Tom looks at how we are changing the way  we are interacting with computing devices. Tom asked me, Ariel Dagan of Worcester, MA, if I believe Microsoft still has a chance to compete in the market today. It  was great to be able to offer my view on the situation and to be in line with his other professional guests for this show: Joe Brown from Wired, Brian Barrett from Gizmodo , David Gerzoff Richard of Emerson College Marketing and Communication program and BigFIsh. I believe I added many good points to the topic that has/is affecting the way we live, communicate and work, study and gain knowledge.

What are your thoughts about the subject? In this link  you will find on top the podcast of the 45 minute jam packed program. I chime in following on what was being said (20:20) about business use at 20:54.  I spoke about the fact that we are far removed from the days where Microsoft or a handful of other companies dominated the software applications. Consumers have a choice of thousands of apps to make their lives better and more productive. I mentioned that data is faster and cheaper ( and continuing in this direction) allowing almost instant transmitting and receiving of information anywhere.

I also spoke about how loyalty program are a major part of the way business are making good use of mobile communications as well as replying to customer service. I also mentioned that fact that today we learn or engage brands for the first time through our mobile device and not neccessarly through the main comapny website portal.

Lastly Tom Ashbrook asked me about Microsoft and if they can still make a play in the field or if they were entering too late into the game, are they toast on this front? My answer was that we are only at the start of a major  changes. You can listen to my complete reply in the podcast.

One can say that being on air from 20:54 to 24:03 is a pretty short date however when we usually talk about having a 60 second window as in “elevator pitch” to get our point across, I feel very fortunate to have had nearly 4 minutes of time with Tom Ashbrook in another fantastic On Point program. I don’t know about you, but even having a short date and connecting again with a radio  personality who is bright and encourages intellectual curiosity is worth every second.

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