Not realizing that it’s the wrong train

Are you on the right track?

Are you on the right track?

With everything that s going on all around us it’s not at all surprising that you actually might find yourself in a situation where you are sitting on a train that is just heading in the opposite direction, But what about if there was a way for you to make things work from the place you’re at? Sure. I, Ariel Dagan, can get off at the next stop, hop on to the next train going the other  way. But what has taken place while you  waited for that train? What have you missed? Anything crucial happen during that time frame?

Now what I actually told you that getting on a train heading the other way was not a matter of just getting off at the next  stop? The truth is that many times we are not given a chance to reverse what has already happened. It’s important to be able to think creatively at how can I take advantage of where you are heading.

Those who are able to take advantage of the current situation are often those with the insights and wisdom to change the game. With the tools at our disposal in the web 2.0  environment we have to adapt to what seems to be an ever changing environment. In the Matrix Keanu Reeves showed us that adaptability is only part of the solution and it will only take you up to a certain point.

To completely shift the rules, Neo had to take a pause, or time out, in the train station to figure out how he can return to an environment that he was no longer be part of. Once he made a conscious effort to redesign the behavior element, her was able to move in new way than before.

Gamification is what happens when you apply new rules to a system that is going further away. The natural instinct to engage on an ongoing basis is what makes  designing these new rules a natural and logical process. In the scene below Keanu, Neo come to a stark realization that the only way back is by a redesign that make much more sense.  It’s not a wise idea to get stuck in the train terminal if you have no knowledge of how to overcome what you have not planned for.

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