I am creative entrepreneur with skills in marketing and social interactions. I have 20 years experience coaching teams and being an educational leader, administrator, and project manager. I am an individual who thinks outside the box, and possesses the strong ability to deliver high quality services and products that are well-conceived and efficiently delivered. My executive leadership exemplifies risk-taking balanced with solid visioning. My broad experience in marketing, product development, and team leadership shows sound financial growth and strong, successful business management over the years.

I am known for my attention to detail. l always keep an eye on technology and the next level of its development. As a master educator, I focus on providing individual attention to learners, ensuring their needs are met, while also striving to see that each individual has achieved the best possible outcome based on their ability. I encourage people to embrace and utilize technology to meet their needs rather than being dependent upon it. I encourage those around me to successfully master the tools at hand. I believe that making a person feel successful will empower them towards achieving change for them and all those they have formed connections.

My direct experience with cultural diversity and multicultural backgrounds makes me flexible, and therefore, I can easily adapt to clients with varying needs. My commitment to diversity is a reflection of my great interest in the cultures of others as I seek to learn more about the diverse world we share.

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