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Another date with Tom Ashbrook of On Point

There are many talk radio programs available to listeners. They can be accessed in the traditional way, through radio waves or via the internet. In recent years our wireless connections to the internet has drastically improved.

In my opinion one of the most well informed talk show hosts is Tom Ashbrook. I have been listening to Tom’s On Point program on WBUR 90.9 for many years. No matter the topic, Tom knows how to deliver, inform and cause you to think about the questions he raises.

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Overcoming being overwhelmed with choice

I am certain many time you have traveled the isles at your local grocery store and perhaps stopped and hesitated for a few moments before making your pick of the dressing, pasta, tomato sauce, snack, and much more. This does not just happen at the grocery store. We find the same abundance of choices from […]

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